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about opsyntric

Opsyntric is a boutique business consultancy focused on the operational synergies and intricacies of an organization's start, launch, and longevity.
My goal is to simply help you set-up and/optimize your business at any stage of operations by planning and assisting you with crafting functional processes, initializing systems, and structuring people, supporting you along the way.

With over ten years of operations experience, Opsyntric assists all leaders within and across a variety of businesses and organization types establishing, optimizing, and harmonizing the simplest or most complex business initiatives, projects, and programs.

Opsyntric offers a subscription-based service model to fit your needs and budget.  Our role is to help provide solutions and support with a practical, forward-thinking, collaborative, and results-driven approach.​​

Whether your a small business owner, corporation, powerhouse driver, ministry leader or an individual seeking an ear for strategic planning or mentorship, Opsyntric is here to help.

ABOUT ME kyausha (kee-ah-sha) lewis


Proven marketing operations professional with over 10+ years of in Marketing with experience in logistics, operations, data management, business systems, and analytics. I have the heart of a Marketing Operations Leader, with a Head of a Business System Analyst. I have worked with high-growth start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, as well as, small businesses, and serve clients in a wide variety of industries.


"I understand the ebbs and flows of what it means to stretch and grow exponentially with an organization. Consider me a virtual team member helping you fortify the foundation you've envisioned."  - Kyausha


My professional passions are:

  • Guiding and mentoring organizations on how they should structure, plan and implement tools for productivity and optimization.

  • Leading businesses in planning, investing, implementing, or retrofitting their operational foundation for scale, impact, and results.

  • Staying abreast of all the technologies and tools that can help organizations progress.  Keeping current on apps that can help optimize internal productivity and measurement.

  • Mentoring colleagues, direct reports, and clients on planning for operational success.

My Personal Passions is:

Giving! “If I could make a living on giving, I would. Giving makes me happy!” - Kyausha

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." − Unknown

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Operations Infrastructure alignment

Leaders and business owners alike look to institute operational structures that align with all business efforts, funding, and experiences. To maximize impact and produce optimal results, leaders and their teams should:

  • Understand and optimize your organization's structure. Carefully analyze how each organizational layer works cohesively towards the established goals.

  • Create an operational structure of workstreams that aid leaders in executing simply and collaboratively.

  • Determine the health of your data and take steps to optimize and standardize the data upon import into your systems to ensure your reports or segmentation is applicable.

  • Implement procedures, collaboration tools, and calendars and configure business systems that provide insight for all goals and measurements more interactively.

  • Identify business gaps that prevent the collective team back from working together effectively.

Businesses should regularly look for ways to improve efficiency year-over-year.

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